Scholarship Form

The Movie Institute (MI) reserves the right to forfeit a scholarship for the following reasons:

Misrepresentation – A parent / guardian who intentionally misrepresents conditions or circumstances claiming a financial need or other determining need and/or factor, and MI becomes aware that a determining need/factor did not, in fact, exist.

No response – A parent / guardian is required to return the registration form within 7 days of being notified that they were granted a scholarship. If not returned within the required time frame, the scholarship could be awarded to another eligible camper.

Scholarship award determination will be made by the Scholarship Sponsor and the Administration of the Movie Institute. Decisions are final. All applicants will be notified on acceptance or non-acceptance of scholarship petitions. The Movie Institute does not discriminate based on race/ color, ethnicity, political orientation, religion/ non-religion or companion preference- EVER!